Askinosie El Rustico 70% with Sugar Crystals and Vanilla Bean

I am a huge fan of crunchy sugar crystals in my chocolate, and I adore vanilla; so, loving this bar from Askinosie was a no-brainer. I did have my doubts, at first, because the chocolate is fairly unrefined and not conched. In other words, I knew the texture would be, as they say on the wrapper: rustic. If you’re a raw foodie this is for you. It has all the attributes of minimal processing, but the taste is unlike any raw bar I have ever had. Like Frieda Kahlo’s arresting self-portraits, in which her prominent eyebrows might detract from her appeal, but become a focal point drawing in the viewer, Shawn has taken the natural, slightly gritty texture of a less processed bar and, by adding crunchy sugar crystals, enhanced the chocolate’s true nature.

Most people prefer their chocolate without pesticides, and Askinosie adheres to a no pesticide policy. In addition, they use organic sugar, and pay farmers more than the going Fair Trade prices. All that, coupled with single origin beans, makes Askinosie’s bars a delicious choice for you and the planet.


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