Chocoholly: Organic Dark and Milk with flavors, & Dark Milk Fish

Artist Holly Caulfield was a single Mom when she saw the movie Chocolat and became inspired to put her talents to work as a chocolatier. All her ingredients are organic, and the line is handmade.

Let’s start with the whimsical fish. Each is about 3″ long and 1″ wide. They are made of organic 46% dark milk chocolate that is rich, creamy, and satisfying. Six little fish swim in a clear cellophane bag, with a lovely picture of a stylized woman riding a tiger. As someone who eats mostly dark chocolate bars, the fish motif magically made these more fun. What a lovely gift for a child, or milk chocolate lover, who wants to explore dark’s lighter side.

Holly also sent me three bars to sample. All three come in very pretty pink cardboard boxes adorned with a painting of a woman’s face. There are 30 mini-sections per bar, a wise decision in my book, as each is perfectly bite sized. The chocolate is wrapped in cello that opens from the top and stays intact until the last little square is consumed. These are not inconsequential details.

I was blown away by the 72% dark with Chilli (sic) and Coconut. It was an incredibly satisfying base with just enough coconut to add interest without overwhelming you with chewiness; and, the hint of chili provided a bit of extra excitement. This could easily become a regular passion.

Next up was the 46% dark milk with Geranium. I have had other geranium infused bars, though it is not a ubiquitous combination. The chocolate doesn’t smell like geranium, but when it melts in your mouth the scent seems to gently waft through your nose, as well as over the palate. Because Holly uses a deft hand, and a good measure of restraint with the essential oil, it magically makes the bar come alive with new layers of flavor. Though made from the same base as the fish it is a completely different experience.

Cardamom flavors the 37% bar. I am a big fan of this spice, and use it in my chapatis. As you might imagine, it adds interest and nuance to a darker-than-average milk chocolate.


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