Valrhona 70% & 39% Cao Grande Organic Chocolate

Those of you who regularly visit this site know how partial I am to organics, so it was with great glee I opened these two bars from Valrhona.  The milk is very gentle, not too sweet,  creamy bar with a lovely temper. The dark, on the other hand, is another one of those great choices for people who want a 70% that isn’t going to freak their little taste buds out. Valrhona creates such a silky sophisticated texture that an otherwise intense bar seems mild and unthreatening. According to the label, the folks at Valrhona think the fruity notes stand out here. To me, whatever fruit I taste is simply there to balance out the slight acid, bitter, and roasted flavors. Acid, bitter and roasted don’t necessarily sound so appealing, but they are. While “fruity” may conjure up a lovelier gustatory experience, without the more intense notes chocolate would be far less interesting. The bar has a fairly long finish; always an appealing quality. Overall, an elegant choice for yourself or a gift.


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