Valrhona Bonbons

While I adore a great bar of plain dark chocolate, once in a while it’s luxurious to have a box of little bonbons. Valrhona’s small box of 10 assorted morsels provides a lovely departure from my normal fare.

Five of these are dark: mocha, plain dark, jasmine tea, apricot and candied orange peel. The orange peel was my favorite (probably because I hadn’t had it in ages), though the the other four were each delicious in their own right. The flavors assertive enough to be noticeable, but not in your face. Each was startling fresh and enrobed in just the right amount of couverture.

The two white chocolates, an almond praline, and an almond and hazelnut layered rectangle were a bit sweet. Good texture, and nice nutty flavor. I am simply not a fan of white chocolate.

The last three tidbits were milk chocolate. Valrhona’s milk is like many: very creamy and sweet.  One piece housed a ganache of dark and milk that was smooth and luscious. The other two had almonds, or almonds and hazelnuts.

It’s certainly fun to open a box of chocolates and see all the possibilities, but we all know no one likes every piece equally. Luckily for me, the chocolate covered orange peel is available on its own.


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