Valrhona Equinoxe Dried Figs & Crispy Biscuits in Milk Chocolate

Figs don’t appeal to everyone, but if you love them this is a delicious, original treat. Chewy, sun-dried gems of fruit are enrobed in a 35% milk chocolate. At first, you might think they are coated in dark couverture, but that’s a bit of a costume, for underneath, it’s milk. Along with the chewy bits are crunchy butter biscuit pieces, also sporting a milk chocolate coat.

I enjoyed these, even though milk chocolate is not my first choice, because the textures went so well together.  Like many people, it’s novelty I crave; so, a chewy bite followed by a crunchy one kept my taste buds humming.

The beautiful black and purple box opens with a hinge revealing a curvilinear well, like a pool behind a 1950s split level, full of bi-colored balls about 1/4″ in diameter.

The holidays are almost upon us. Valrhona’s packaging is so cheerful and elegant, and there is such a wide range of products from which to choose, I can’t imagine someone being anything but delighted to find some Valrhona in their stocking. One caveat: find out whether they like milk or dark.


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