Valrhona Equinoxe: Dark Chocolate Crunchy Pearls

This 75 gram little drum of 55% chocolate pearls is an unusual product. Tiny bits of crunchy biscuit are enrobed in dark chocolate. The package is adorable, the miniature spheres are attractive, and the taste is like Lilliputian Rice Krispies in excellent chocolate. I like them, I just can’t figure out if they’re for people or a doll’s tea party. Seriously, they would be nice sprinkled on vanilla ice cream with Kahlua, or garnishing a dessert plate. Perhaps, they’re a diet aide? Maybe, it’s a Marquis de Sade thing: you eat them one by one with a full minute to rest before the next one. How about sprinkling them in with real Rice Krispies for some haut cereal?  Or, add them to your trail mix for a Park Avenue touch? They might also be beautiful scattered on a dark ganache topped cake, like a Sachertorte. What about a chocolate amuse bouche before you tuck into a Tainori bar?The people at Valrhona clearly have a sense of humor, god bless them.


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