Chuao Choco Pod: “Modena” Strawberry and Balsamic Caramel in 60% Chocolate

I like to have an open mind, so when I saw this appealing box of Strawberry & Balsamic Caramel filled chocolates by Chuao I bought them.  In the past, I have not always been a fan of their wares. The 2.3 ounce package was $6 and contained six individually wrapped flat chocolates, each about 2″ long.  The chocolate, at 60%, was creamy and an excellent match for the liquidy caramel. I generally prefer a firmer caramel, but the thinness of this treat kept the caramel from oozing out all over the place.  I loved the balsamic-strawberry flavor. Neither was particularly strong, but together they added a whole extra layer of interest, putting this creative concoction in a class by itself. Texturally, the crisp-yet-creamy chocolate against the soft caramel was a sybarite’s delight.

These also come in Cabernet Caramel and  Banana Caramel, which I hope to taste and review in the future.

I want to mention something about price. Sometimes, high end chocolates can seem a bit expensive; and, compared to a Snickers bar, they are. However, when I compare spending $6 for six unusual, delicious morsels to spending that in a restaurant for dessert, these seem like an excellent value.  I may eat a lot of chocolate,  but I won’t eat six of these at one sitting.  Two or three with some tea and a few slices of perfectly ripe pear is my idea of a fabulous dessert.


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