Michel Cluizel 64%, 65%, 66%, 67% Chocolates

Michel Cluizel’s chocolates are beautifully tempered, high quality products in attractive packaging.

Maralumi’s (64%) beans are from an island off the coast of Australia. It’s a very mellow bar, creamy, with a little acidic edge that adds a perfect note of interest to easy-to-eat chocolate.

Mangaro (65%) is sourced from the valley of the Sambirano river. The name derives from the earlier use of the land as a mango grove. Its flavor is citrusy, with a dry finish.

Concepcion (66%), made with beans from the Barlovento Valley east of Caracas, was my favorite of all the bars. As they say, it’s aromatic. The caramel and vanilla notes are set off wonderfully by the rich plummy-raisiny finish.

Sao Tome (67%) is named after the island off the coast of Central Africa where the trees grow. You can almost taste the volcanic soil, with its slightly sharp undercurrent. Spice and licorice notes round out the profile.

Los Anacones (67%) is made with beans that one family has been tending since 1903 on an island in the heart of the Caribbean. The first impression is slightly acidic followed by sweeter notes as you come to a slightly dry finish.

All these chocolates are complex, interesting, and unusual.


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