Valrhona Caraibe Noisette 66%

This is a lovely bar from Valrhona. It’s rich, with 66% cacao solids, and chock full of split hazelnuts.  The nuts are very small, and scattered throughout.  I am generally more partial to larger nut pieces, but this was very satisfying and delicious. The excellent tempering offset a creamy mouth feel, and the adult depth of flavor kept me reaching for another bite. It’s not a particularly complex chocolate but a great foil for the nuts as it doesn’t assert itself and lets that crunchy roasted flavor shine.

How amazing to find something of this caliber at my local supermarket. Not too long ago, good, dark chocolate was relegated to gourmet stores and high end chocolatiers. As inconsequential as this advancement may seem, it reflects an exponential leap in people’s appreciation for  quality.

With each passing day the world becomes shrinks and the opportunity to taste a wide variety of chocolates expands.  I was going to say this pales in comparison with creating world peace, but the way some of the chocolate companies are treating their farmers is, in microcosm, what may actually end up creating a fairer, more just world. So, perhaps, it’s not so insignificant.


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