Amella Artisan Cocoa Butter Caramels


Generally speaking, I don’t review candy, but since these are made with cocoa butter I thought they fit the spirit of Chocolate Ratings. 

Let me warn you, they are extremely addictive. Each one looks like a petit four, those mini-morsels of cake, marzipan, and icing. But that’s where the similarity ends. These have a soft, nicely chewy texture. Each little square is topped with a thick layer of either white or milk chocolate.  As my regular readers know, I am generally partial to the darkest chocolates, but the lighter varieties work really well with the caramel.

My favorite was the Carrot Cake. It was easy to discern the medley of carrot, pecans, cinnamon and vanilla as I practically inhaled a 1″ square topped with white chocolate.  Next up was the Passion Fruit capped with milk chocolate.  The fruit’s flavor was very assertive; so, if you’re a Passion Fruit fan these would sate your craving. Last was the Black Forest, also adorned with white chocolate. It was the mildest of the three, and the caramel was softer.

My only quibble is that corn syrup is the first ingredient.  On the other hand, there are no preservatives or trans fats.  I couldn’t taste the cocoa butter, per se, but it definitely gave the caramels the right consistency, provided you like them soft.

Three caramels, 1.25 ounces, are housed in a pretty little rectangular box with a clear window and a re-closable top.


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