Kopali Organics: Chocolate Covered Gogi, Mulberries, Espresso Beans, Nibs, & Banana

Kopali is another company that offers Fair Trade and organic chocolates.  I tried five of their dark chocolate covered products, all of which were enrobed in 49% chocolate that tastes more like 65%. First up were the espresso beans.  Their aroma was  quintessentially mocha. This is an intense chocolate-caffeine experience, even with the 14 grams of sugar per three tablespoon serving, but that’s the influence of a little coffee bean. If you love this combination I would recommend you give Kopali’s a try. Personally, I was fonder of the nibs.  Unlike the espresso beans, which are coated thickly, these sport a thin veneer, making for a very nibby experience.  If you prefer something less sweet, but still crunchy, and chocolatey, the Espresso Beans are a good bet.

The dark chocolate covered mulberries are unusual and delicious. Small clusters of dried organic mulberries are panned in a medium thick chocolate shell. These were a welcome change of pace.  The tiny goji berries were also unique.  I am not a big fan of their flavor,  but there was a good ratio of chocolate to berry.

Last were the chocolate covered organic banana pieces. Various sized chunks of dried banana coated in a medium shell of dark chocolate. An interesting treat, since few companies offer this combination.  It was almost like a mini-banana split with a nicely chewy texture.


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