Ithaca Fine Chocolates: 58% with Coconut & 61% with Quinoa Crisp

Ithaca Fine Chocolates is Fair Trade, Organic, and donates 10% of their profits to Art Education. By now, you know they’re singing my song, but if the chocolate isn’t good, I’m not even humming along. Here’s the verdict: I would buy both of these again in a heartbeat. They come in two sizes 45 grams and 100 grams. Trust me, go for the 100 gram bars. Each package has a small art card.  Mail them ten different cards you will receive all ten back with the artist’s signature and a free bar of your choice. What a nice, generous perk. The cards also make beautiful book marks.

After eating so much 70% chocolate it’s nice, for a change, to have something a little milder. The 61% with Quinoa Crisp was addictive. Crunchy, sweet, nicely tempered; this bar has it all.  I’m already deluding myself that the quinoa makes it a food, so I can eat it with abandon. Its sister, with 58% cacao and coconut, was just as easy to scarf down. There was enough coconut for flavor and texture,  but it didn’t overpower the chocolate. 

I have one quibble: the packaging. It’s a pretty design, but once opened is impossible to close. Also, they use that flimsy, crinkly, white inner liner that seems designed to scatter chocolate flakes all over.


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