B.T. Brownies: 70% Bittersweet, Cookie, & Peanut Butter


I don’t usually review baked goods because they are rarely made as well as what I concoct in my own kitchen.  It’s not that I am the female Marcel Desaulnier, but my ingredients are typically organic, and you can already imagine how fabulous the chocolate is. But I am departing from my routine, since I just won a box of B.T. Brownies on The Nibble.

There were three kinds, each quite delicious and made with 70% bittersweet chocolate and organic ingredients.  The flavors are: chocolate, peanut butter, and cookie.  The chocolate one, I hesitate to call it plain because it was so incredibly satisfying, was dark, fudge-like, and decadently rich.  The cookie version is that brownie with a thin chocolate chip cookie on top. You might think this wouldn’t make much of a difference, but it does.  The cookie adds exactly the right amount of crunch without using nuts. Quite innovative. My favorite was the peanut butter brownie.  Unlike many other renditions of this classic combo theirs has a thin layer of peanut butter on top. It was exquisite and hard to stop eating.

There are six generous brownies in a chocolate colored cardboard box with orange ribbon and orange tissue paper.  Its presentation is festive and elegant, making these brownies a great gift.  Lest you think six squares a paltry amount, the box was very heavy.  Each brownie could easily be cut into four triangles for a dessert tray, which would make 24 servings.


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