Vere Organic 75% with Raspberry & Lemon


Vere’s (pronounced “very”) Raspberry and Lemon bar is made from single origin organic Arriba beans sourced and handmade in Ecuador. It’s a gentle 75% chocolate, with that slightly chewy texture prevalent in many more rustic products. This textural thing seems to be cropping up a lot lately.  When the chocolate itself is excellent, like Pure Dark’s, the earthy texture works well, but when the chocolate is bland and lacks complexity that same texture adds to the overall blah experience. I could not discern even a hint of lemon, but the raspberry asserted itself via a scattering of minuscule seeds. Not exactly the chocolate experience I crave.  Frankly, I can’t think of anything positive to say about this except it is organic and seems to have some Fair Trade credibility (but no Fair Trade stamp).  Even the packaging is not particularly appealing.  I don’t like to rain on Ms. Moskal’s parade, as she is a small producer and clearly wants to help the world. Perhaps her other offerings are better, but I can’t encourage my readers to buy this particular bar, as I believe you will be disappointed.


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