Romanicos Chocolate Truffles, Chocolate Art & Chocolates for Autism

Alejandra Bigai was raised in Venezuela, where from the age of 12 she was making truffles with her grandmother. Romanicos Chocolate, in Miami, Florida, is the outgrowth of that experience and the passion it engendered.  Aida Murguia is co-founder of Romanicos and Chocolates for Autism,  a non-profit organization aimed at helping people with autism and their families cope with the myriad ways this syndrome affects daily life.  Sarah’s Box is the first of a product line Romanicos will launch whose net profits will be completely donated to Chocolates For Autism (  Sarah is Aida Murguia’s daughter.  

Sarah’s Box of chocolates is quite poetic. It consists of 12 solid chocolates: dark bottoms with white chocolate tops, all painted with lovely flowers or ladybugs. 

Romanicos’ truffles, their signature offering, were among the freshest I have had outside my own kitchen.  The texture silky, smooth and luscious, the flavors delicate, and the shelf life short (because there are no preservatives).  Truffles come in all densities, from the very firm to the soft. Romanicos’ are on the softer end of the spectrum.  Of the six I sampled, coconut stood out from the pack with its assertive flavor and great texture, the finely shredded coconut’s chewiness melding with a smooth dark chocolate interior. Unlike some truffles, these are not chocolate coated, but rolled in mini chocolate chips, nuts, or coconut.

Chocolate Art, another of their collections, are lovely morsels adorned with pretty graphics.  My favorites were those with fillings, like: orange, coconut, Nutella, and dulce de leche.

The pretty packaging, black boxes with red tops and red ribbon, makes for an elegant gift.


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