Equal Exchange Organic, Fair Trade 67% Mint Chocolate


Disclaimer: I love mint and chocolate, so I’m predisposed to liking all but the worst renditions of this combo.  I’m not sure what’s so alluring about mint, though herbal lore says it’s a refreshing pick-me-up, enhances concentration, focus, and attention. I think it just tastes great, especially with chocolate as a foil.

The chocolate buyer at my local food co-op recommended this organic, fair trade bar with chocolate sourced from the Dominican Republic.  It is very good.  My only quibble is with the tempering: not as snappy as I like it.  But, that’s probably because of all the little crunchy mint bits.  Regardless, the bar is delicious enough to make me forget about the tempering as I sit here scarfing down one square after another.

Equal Exchange’s Mint Chocolate is sweeter than my usual picks, with 17 grams of sugar in a 40 g portion. That would ordinarily be a deterrent; but, here it adds to the experience.  If you’ve tried Pure Dark’s bar with nibs and sugar crystals, you have some idea of the texture here: crunchy, almost chewy, and very earthy.

It’s easily available everywhere, and from the people at Equal Exchange for fundraising purposes.  I would buy it again in a minute.


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