Godiva Chocoiste Dark Chocolate Cherries


I was in the airport the other day and a bit peckish for something sweet when I spied the Godiva counter.  Normally, all I have to do is catch their logo to scurry in the opposite direction, but I was feeling open-minded and curious to see what was new.   Almost nothing appealed to me, and I was about to walk away when I spied a small box of dark chocolate covered dried cherries.  Right out  of the gate, on the front of the box, they say: “made from real dried cherries.” After tasting the Hershey’s Extra Dark with Pomegranate, they ought to say if the fruit is real or a gummy facsimile; so, I was happy to learn these were the genuine article, from a tree not a lab.  

Imagine  my surprise when they were actually good. Just the right amount of dark, bittersweet coating, nicely shiny and perfectly chewy-fresh inside. OK, they are not my dream version of this combo, which would be an organic dried cherry covered with some incredible single origin dark chocolate from Burdick or Beschle.  On closer  notice, I realized the cherries were sweetened, but they weren’t cloying sweet. The people at Godiva exercised some restraint. While  I am generally not fond of their products,  I would buy these again in a pinch.


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