Hershey’s Extra Dark 60% With Pomegranate


Just like you, I am sometimes prone to impulse buying, which is how I came to try Hershey’s Extra Dark 60% with Pomegranate.  You would think Hershey’s could temper a bar; apparently not.  There wasn’t a snap in the house when I broke off a piece, but that was the least of my issues.  The chewiness of the chocolate was punctuated with tiny globs of mini-gummy balls flavored with pomegranate.  I imagine these are made from the various fruit juice concentrates and pectin listed as ingredients. God forbid they should use actual freeze dried fruit pieces, or simply dried fruit.  In all fairness, they do say, right on the label, “Pure dark chocolate with pomegranate flavored pieces.”  Until sampling this bar, my mind simply wouldn’t compute what that sentence could mean, so I think I saw the word pomegranate and thought,”This could be interesting.”  Well, it was, as in the old curse: May you live an interesting life. I honestly can’t think of any reason you would ever buy this product.  If you’re looking for extra health benefits with your chocolate you might like to choose something organic and darker than 60%.  Try eating a handful of blueberries at the same time and you’ll get a far greater nutritional boost than from this ersatz-tasting product.


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