Navitas Naturals Organic Sweet Raw Chocolate Nibs

How fortuitous that these arrived right after my rave review of Pure Dark’s offerings,  where nibs are a central ingredient and a delight in and of themselves.  The nibs from Navitas Naturals are different from those at Pure Dark.  They are organic, Fair Trade, sweetened with organic sugar cane juice and have added cocao liquor.  Pretty unadulterated; actually, but tweaked enough to take those raw nibs from ordinary  to exceptional.  

These are delicious right from the bag, and they pack a nutritional punch with five grams of fiber and a ton of antioxidants.  The people at Navitas suggest adding them to smoothies, cereal, ice cream. and cookies.  I think recipes in which they are pulverized in a blender work well, as do those in which you want to highlight the crunch.

If you are a nib aficionado it could be fun to taste a variety: Navitas’ plain and sweetened, and Pure Dark’s chocolate covered and caramelized varieties.


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