Seeds of Change Organic Chocolates

On the weekends, when I was growing up,  I would wake hours earlier than the rest of my family.  This was a special, quiet time for me.  I would reach behind the books in my bookcase and retrieve the half pound bar of Nestle’s Crunch that I kept for my ritual reading and munching.  Somehow, eating chocolate mixed with crisped rice felt OK as a breakfast appetizer.  After all, Rice Krispies were a bona fide cereal. To a child’s mind, it wasn’t such a leap.

Seeds of Change makes a grown-up version with 43% chocolate and organic puffed multi-grain cereal.  It’s organic, so it’s healthier, and it tastes just juvenile enough to make my inner child dance.  That little kid inside also loves the three individually wrapped packages within the cardboard envelope.  My only suggestion is that they label each 28 gram package with its flavor and percentage.  If I have a few in my handbag I might want to know which is which.

I next sampled the 61% with Cherries and Vanilla.  This is a gentle dark chocolate with small pieces of cherry and a hint of vanilla.  It’s good but I prefer the 61% with Mango and Cashew (reviewed separately), as the mix-ins are more assertive.  Also in the 61% range is their coconut bar.  Another winner, redolent of coconut, and texturally satisfying in its perfect chewiness.  

There are two plain bars, one 43% milk and the other the 61% dark.


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