New Tree: Pleasure, Cocoon, Renew, Rejoice, Blush, Forgiveness, Refresh, Crave, Tranquility & Sexy

New Tree, a company that likes to enhance chocolate with mood elevating substances, has seduced me with the names of their bars. Who isn’t captivated by the thought of eating chocolate and feeling: sexy, refreshed, invigorated, tranquil, or renewed?  And, what about the subliminal effect of a bar named Crave?  Not to mention decades that miraculously dropped from my real age when contemplating Blush.  As for their Forgiveness bar, if only it were that easy.  Faith Popcorn, the doyenne of social forecasting, came up with the term cocooning years ago. So, when I saw a bar called Cocoon I was transported to images of homey R & R.  Meanwhile, their Rejoice bar squeals of joy and celebration.  

Creative nomenclature aside,  I liked the adorable little 2″ x 1″ boxes that contained three .32 ounce bars.  What fun!  (They are also offered in 2.82 ounce large bars.)

All their products are made with Belgian chocolate, and tempered to a lovely sheen that breaks with a clean snap.

I have never thought of dark, 73% chocolate, guarana (a fruit that has twice the caffeine of coffee), and ginger as SEXY, but it’s certainly delicious.  FORGIVENESS, with lemon and cactus, had light citrus notes.  VIGOR, with coffee and guarana, is nicely balanced, providing a boost as well as an appealing mocha flavor. BLUSH, with its cherry and grape extracts was similar to Renew, enhanced with black-currant. These last two were a bit intense, with the edginess of super-high polyphenol-boosting grape or black-currant; a big plus, if you’re eating dark chocolate for its health benefits.  On the other hand, the age-old combination of mint and chocolate, supplemented here with green tea extract, was as REFRESHing as its name. 

Their 33% milk chocolate bars include CRAVE, infused with apricot and vanilla, an irresistible combination; and, I am not generally a milk chocolate fan.  The apricot flavor was strong enough to notice, but not so assertive that it overpowered the light chocolate. REJOICE, another in the milk chocolate line, has crisped rice, bitter orange, lime blossom extract and vanilla.  The texture is lovely, though the flavor was a bit mild for me.  COCOON, with cinnamon, was an easy-to-eat bar, and cinnamon helps lower blood pressure–if you need some added incentive. TRANQUILITY’s flavor was buoyed by a touch of lavender, one of the more gentle, but potent, relaxing extracts.

If, after trying all these concoctions you desire something simpler, you may want to sample their PLEASURE bar, a plain 73% chocolate.


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