New Tree Alpha Chocolates: Thym, Piment, & Noir

Call me crazy, but I love flax seeds, so I was particularly delighted to try New Tree’s Alpha line of 65% dark bars with roasted flax seeds and puffed rice in three varieties.  

Those of us who have been eating dark chocolate for our whole lives don’t need to be convinced of its healing properties, but it can’t hurt to add some flax seeds for their heart healthy, and mood-enhancing, omega 3 fatty acids.  

I like texture in my chocolate  bars, but these are really almost like eating food and not a confection.  That’s a good thing, if you are choosing one of their 23 gram round discs as a snack, or mini-meal.  It will provide 110 calories, 8 grams of fat, only 7 grams of sugar, 4 grams of fiber, 6% of your magnesium and 4% of your iron for the day.  

The chocolates come in two forms: 80 gram large bars or these fabulous flat 23 gram discs that are beautifully embossed with a lovely semi-abstract design of a leaf.  They are well-tempered, as J.S. Bach used to say; though, bars with this level of add-ins don’t snap the same way a plain bar might, so adjust your expectations.  I adored their packaging, size, shape, and texture.  

Noir, the plainest of the bunch was my favorite.  I could see eating this on a regular basis and calling it food. The chewiness of the puffed rice against the crunchy roasted flax seeds married incredibly well with the smooth just-sweet-enough chocolate.  Piment, all the same ingredients with the addition of chili pepper, was very good, with an after burn of soft heat. Thym, with thyme flavor, was pleasing and intriguing (see my review of Beschle’s bar with thyme).

A sample of each round disc would be a great present for that jaded chocolate lover who’s waiting with bated breath for something different and exciting.


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