Coco-Zen Organic Fair Trade Truffles

If you love chocolate and mint, and want the ultimate creamy truffle I suggest you go to right now, before even reading my review.  Yes, they are that great.  I recently raved about the chocolate-mint bar by Theo, so I’m in mint appreciation mode.  Coco-Zen’s truffles, either huge (1’14” in diameter, or small, 1/2″ in diameter) are beautiful, with their dusting of confectioner’s sugar against very dark chocolate.  They are sinfully satisfying: the perfect balance of sweetness  and mint.  The large ones come in an aluminum Japanese style lunch bucket, or bento box, with two layers.  You release the latches, a ritualistic affair, unlock the clasps, and you’re immediately invited into a chocolate sanctuary. One layer is Chocolate Mint Bliss, and the other Dark Chocolate Nirvana.  The latter is flavored with coffee, but not actual java, just its flavor, so there’s no added caffeine. I enjoyed both varieties, but the mint really is blissful.

Generally speaking, I am not fond of large truffles, but these were different.  The symbiosis of shell and luscious interior made me happy to defy Mies van der Rohe and say, sometimes, more is more.

The Truffles-To-Go tin, is also aluminum, with a little hinge so the top doesn’t go flying off into the stratosphere.  There are two of each of the four flavors: the ones already mentioned, Orange Blossom and Chai Spice (enrobed in milk chocolate).  Each is a great treat, the orange a delicate citrus truffle, and the chai spice a nuanced version of Indian tea.  The truffles arrived in perfect, exquisitely fresh condition; and, each came with a sweet little card that had a quote from Confucius.  As a quote-a-holic, this was an added bonus.

On the back of this card was the injunction to “Discover Coco-Zen and set aside a  little time each day for chocolate meditation. Ohmmm….” Who can argue with that?


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