Amy’s Organic Cakes, Vegan Chocolate


The folks at Amy’s asked if I would try their new vegan chocolate cake and I happily agreed.  After all, they have been providing healthy frozen food options for years.  

The cake is 11 ounces and serves six.  Unlike most frozen cakes, all the ingredients are organic, pronounceable, and appetizing.  

Amy’s rendition of a light chocolate loaf cake is very appealing, from the folded cardboard baking pan it rests in, that looks as if it came from a French bakery, to the dark, moist Devil’s Food appearance. The serving size is realistic, neither huge nor small.  The flavor is a medium chocolate  level.  I mention this because unless you are making a fallen chocolate cake, where the main ingredients are butter and melted 70% chocolate, you aren’t going to have an intense, dark chocolate experience.  I found the texture satisfying, but it needed a little enhancement.  They suggest warming and topping it with ice cream.  I couldn’t agree more, though a bit of Kahlua can only improve your pleasure.  

Going for the total vegan ride, I made a creamy tofu topping (12 ounces of tofu in a processor with four tablespoons of maple syrup, or agave, and a teaspoon of vanilla extract), and a berry sauce (a few tablespoons of good strawberry jam thinned with a little rum). Voila, a vegan trifle was born.  This was really delicious, as was my other alternative: Amy’s cake, chocolate flavored coconut milk ice cream, and Kahlua drizzled on top.

If you are not a baker, or simply not in the mood to mess up your kitchen and bother, try Amy’s cake.  With a little adulteration, it’s a wonderful, decadent dessert.


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