Sjaak’s Organic Fair Trade Peanut Butter Bites, and More

It’s pretty miraculous when the same company that sated my craving for an excellent organic dark chocolate caramel also makes a fabulous peanut butter cup, but, that’s exactly what happened with Sjaak’s. Their 1″ diameter Peanut Butter Bite is just delicious.  The lovely flower-embossed dark chocolate round is filled with soft, creamy peanut butter that has just the right amount of sweetness (not much). It’s the perfect size to satisfy your adult pb+chocolate yearnings. Amazingly, these retail for only 65 cents each.  

If you can’t eat peanuts, or just love almond butter, they offer an Almond Butter Bite, similarly adult and tasty.   The caramel small bite was a definite keeper, but one of the two I tried had very little filling.  I would still buy them as they are a great bargain if you hanker for a caramel-chocolate combo and want a less expensive option from their caramel assortment, even though that is a completely different experience (see separate review).  I also tried the Orange Bite.  It had a jammy filling that was texturally interesting and different from most orange chocolates that are merely orange flavored.

There are a large variety of these, including Acai, Mint, and Ginger, all of which I hope to try in the future.    

Of the bars (1.6 ounces) the raspberry one had a very soft, almost liquid center.  It broke cleanly and was tempered to a shiny gloss, a nice change of pace from all the raspberry bars I have recently tried that are studded with little pieces of dehydrated fruit.  The dark bar with almonds had a whole nut in each segment was satisfying, with just the right amount of sweetness.

If I were trying their chocolates for the first time, I would get the caramel assortment and a sampling of all the filled bites.


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