Sjaak’s Nuts & Chews

For years I have been dreaming of an organic, Fair Trade,  dark chocolate covered caramel.  Finally, my dream came true with Sjaak’s Nuts & Chews assortment.

This box of seven caramels and two nut clusters is only 4.65 ounces, but delivers far more pleasure than assortments with twice the weight.  How can this be? I attribute it to the long-lasting, dense, chewiness of their caramel.  

Generally, I avoid mocha because of the caffeine,  but their mocha caramel tempted me, so I tried it.  A lovely, well-balanced coffee-chocolate experience encased in dark couverture.  Next up was the peanut caramel.  Different from what I expected, it had tiny bits of peanut that infused each bite with peanutty flavor.  A delicate coconut flavor was the hallmark of the coconut caramel.  The pistachio rendition was awesome and unusual, though I would have been happy with a few more nuts. A tried and true combination that lived up to its reputation was the pecan caramel.  The chocolate caramel was good, but a bit plainer and less interesting than the other varieties. Last, but not least, was the “nugget.”  It was a dark chewy center with a little layer of almost black chocolate on top, a peanut on top of that, all covered in dark chocolate; pretty dreamy. 

As for the two nut clusters, one was a divinely unusual almond crunch with big hunks of almond, all enrobed in dark chocolate.  The final offering was the cashew cluster: satisfying, but not a contender against the caramels.  

If you have been yearning for an assortment of satisfying organic caramels stop by


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