Theo 70% Organic Fair Trade Chocolates: Orange, Cherry & Almond, Mint

There’s so much great chocolate on the market these days that I often forget to mention how visually satisfying it is to see a beautifully tempered bar.  All Three of Theo’s 3 ounce, organic, Fair Trade, flavored bars are dark, glossy, and perfectly tempered.  When you break them, they snap with a satisfying, crisp sound that predicts the delectable flavors inside.  

In my experience, orange flavored chocolate can taste artificial and almost medicinal.  Theo’s is infused with orange oil and orange zest which makes for deep, but not over-powering, orange notes.  The addition of vanilla rounds out the flavor, and seems to take any potential acidic edge off the orange. A real winner.

The cherry and almond bar is enhanced with bits of diced dried fruit and roasted nuts.  It’s a good combination, with the roasted nuts providing a nice foil for the chewy cherries. In general, my preference is for a plethora of add-ins, as I have said many times before, but if that’s not yours I would highly recommend you try Theo’s version as it is a very high quality product.

Last, but not least, is their mint bar, a heavenly juxtaposition of mint and 70% organic chocolate.  I love mint and chocolate but many chocolatiers have too light a hand with the mint oil. Theo hits it right on the nose.  Actually, that’s not always such a good thing, as I find a perfectly balanced mint bar one of the more addicting confections on earth. There’s something so deep and, yet, refreshing about this combination.  I just need one more bite to figure out what it is….


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