Theo Organic Chocolates: Nicobella, Caramel Collection, Big Daddy

It’s always fun when life hands you a great surprise.  I certainly didn’t expect to find chocolate ecstasy when I bit into one of the dark chocolate Marshmallow Big Daddy squares from Theo Chocolates, but I did. Those chunky organic confections are like an adult smores. Incredibly delicious marshmallow and caramel, on top of a home-made graham cracker enrobed in dark chocolate.  Not overly sweet, chewy, crunchy, caramelly textures play against dark chocolate, producing something quite addictive (don’t say I didn’t warn you).   Usually, I thoughtfully chomp away, taking breaks for writing, but I actually scarfed one of these little beauties down before my fingers hit the keys. Each bite was a mini-revelation, and different from the last. What would I experience next? The perfect graham cracker? The lovely marshmallow? The fabulous dark chocolate? The luscious caramel?  Before I frittered my time away in a chocolate conundrum I was deliriously biting into all four flavors and textures at once.  I have only one tiny wish: these come in a box of three, one coated in milk chocolate and two in dark. I would have liked them all to be enrobed in dark chocolate.


Next, I opened the small box of Nicobella Vegan Truffles.  Inside, were six rectangular pieces covered in dark, organic, Fair Trade chocolate.  Their flavors: walnut flaxseed crunch, sunflower banana butter, pumpkin chai, blueberry almond, ginger green tea, and pure cocoa bliss.  I must confess, though these are very high quality chocolate, I wasn’t as fond of them as I was of the Big Daddy.  The pumpkin chai was my favorite as it was novel, balanced, and well spiced.  


The Caramel Collection is a haute chocolate experience.  There are six renditions: Lavender Jalapeno which was so well done that the jalapeno didn’t overpower the lavender and the lavender added just the right amount of floral notes;  Vanilla, normally a bland choice, was deeply infused with Madagascar vanilla and just delicious; Orange-Thyme, subtle and satisfying; Sage, a bit chewier caramel ( I prefer that) with enough herbal flavor to make it provocative; Cardamom, perfectly infused with one of my favorite flavors (this is a very tricky spice as just a little too  much can be bitter); and lightly infused Earl Grey, beautifully decorated with a chocolate paisley design.  All the caramels are exquisitely fresh, as was every Theo chocolate I tried.


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