Black Hound Chocolate Truffles

An old college friend, who currently lives in NYC, came to visit last week and gave me a lovely wooden box of truffles from Black Hound.

Chocolatiers usually fall into two categories: those who leave their truffles naked and those who enrobe them.  Black Hound is in the former camp.

They make a delicious, silky, bittersweet version, with Belgian chocolate, that is everything a purist would love.  It’s bite-sized, has the perfect amount of give, texturally, in that it is almost chewy, but melts at body temperature.  The light dusting of cocoa, typical of a traditional French truffle reduces stickiness, and enhances the robust chocolate flavor.

According to the tag, you can also buy these flavored with: Grand Marnier, Framboise, Kahlua, Bourbon, Calvados, Rum,  and Orange Zest, all of which sound tantalizing.

I also tried the milk chocolate truffles.  They boasted the same textural appeal, but were much sweeter.


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