Ococoa Chocolates: Dark Chocolate Nut Butter Cups

Diana Malouf, the creator of Ococoa Chocolates is an original thinker who alchemizes chocolate visions into fantastic edible creations.  

These are really extraordinary.  Ingenious, delicious, beautiful, and packaged in a modern but not outre style.  There are nine flavors of little fez-shaped chocolates, each about an inch in diameter and an inch high.  They are filled with layers of nut pastes and other ingredients; some have truffle ganaches.  My absolute favorite was the pistachio-date combo. Not only was it was visually stunning, dark date paste abutting Kelly green pistachio marzipan, it was an inspired combination of flavors.  The sunflower honey cup is unlike anything I have ever tasted: a honey and dark chocolate ganache that has an exquisite texture with a scintilla of crystalized honey.  And, the macadamia guava, with its hint of toasted coconut, was unusual and mesmerizing.  The cups with nuts and fruit, like the cashew apricot have a thick nut paste layer and a layer of fruit jam.  Juxtaposed against the rich 72% chocolate, Ms. Malouf’s  texture and flavor combinations are unique and addictive.  (Typically, Ms. Malouf will either use a blend of 64% and 72% chocolate, or just the 72%.)

The other five flavors are: classic peanut butter, a very dark rendition with ‘Alaea Hawaiian sea salt (quite adult), hazelnut chocolate (one layer of ganache and another of hazelnut paste), marzipan truffle (three layers: two of marzipan sandwiching one of dark ganache), sesame fig (another great middle-eastern inspired blend), and almond cherry (almond paste layered with cherry butter).  I enjoyed them all but thought the first four were truly stellar.

As a special gift to my readers you can take 15% off your order if you use the code: CR15 under the coupon/discount section of her website: ococoa.com

You can also order a custom assortment by specifying your choices in the “comments” section at checkout.


One response to “Ococoa Chocolates: Dark Chocolate Nut Butter Cups

  1. I read this post and I have to agree with everything this article has to offer. Ococoa Chocolates are definitely one of my favorite chocolates. I sent them to some close friends of mine for Valentine’s Day and they couldn’t get enough! My favorite is the marzipan truffle and peanut butter cup…. THEE BEST EVER!!!

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