Theobroma Fair Trade & Organic Chocolate Six Flavors

The first big perk of any visit to Manhattan is seeing my lovable nephew, the second is exploring new treats with Adrienne at the chocolate annex of the Food Emporium on East 68th Street.  

I recently tried Theobroma’s delicious organic dark chocolate logs. Each one is 30 grams, but seems much larger, and only weighs in with 150 calories. The flavors, all with 60% cocoa except the dark which is 72% are: coconut, pineapple, raspberry, plain dark, and banana.   The chocolate is perfectly tempered, glossy, snappy, and the packaging is very appealing.  Actually the design and colors, bright green and dark brown, captivated me from the moment I laid eyes on them. 

Eating fruit flavored chocolate is one thing, but eating chocolate with little pieces of organic freeze dried fruit is something else entirely.   I enjoyed every bit of these bars, as the pineapple, coconut, raspberry, and banana were redolent with deep fruit flavor.  The added textural bonus of  just the right amount of crunchy chunks of pineapple, banana, or raspberry was a fantastic balance to the delicious dark chocolate.  Coconut and chocolate is a slightly different story, because even small shreds of coconut add a chewiness that you either seek out or avoid.  I happen to love the combination and found it a nice foil to the fruit-flavored bars.  As for the plain dark, it was rich and earthy, with gentle tobacco notes, and a bit of plum.  I liked it, but I preferred the others.  

I also had a chance to try their new espresso bar that will be available next month. Before I even took a bite I got a buzz from the aroma.  If you love coffee and chocolate I would highly recommend it.  The smell is incredible, like freshly ground coffee, and its intensity: those little bits of almost-pulverized coffee beans against the rich bittersweet chocolate is in the knock-your-socks-off range. What a way to boost your energy and add some sybaritic delight to your day.

On their website,, you can find retailers in the US.  It sems as if they are limited to New York and Connecticut, but I imagine their net will widen very soon.


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