Valrhona Araguani 72%

Apparently, this bar is comprised of two rare cocoa beans, but they fail to mention which two.  On another site, I found the two varieties are from two plantations with very different soil and climate conditions, or terroirs. 

 Cocoa from the sea, grown on the Caribbean coast in a temperate climate. 
 Cocoa from the land, grown in the foothills of the Andes in a hot, humid climate.

The bar is delicious, but uninteresting. How can that be possible?  It’s well-balanced, has a deep chocolaty flavor, but doesn’t taste like anything I would ever remember.  Many blander bars have subtle nuances that become apparent after a few bites, not this one.  There is a slight dry edge in the aftertaste, but it didn’t provide enough interest to make me want another bite.  

On the package they claim, “Araguani releases intense aromas of liquorice, raisin, and chestnut over its distinctively bitter base notes.” I couldn’t detect anything intense or bitter about it.

The bar is beautifully tempered, and it tastes good, it’s just not up to Valrhona’s usual standards.


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