CocoaBerries: Strawberry & Blueberry

My sister and I were talking about blue food the other day.  She was telling me about a smoothie she makes with blueberries and how she adds them for eye appeal. I said that as much as I love blueberries I would leave them out because purple food isn’t appetizing.  That was until I had one of Rubicon Bakery’s CocoaBerries in Blueberry.  The flavor and fabulously light, crunchy texture  eclipsed my former reaction to purple hues.   The true blueberry taste comes from freeze dried berries and natural flavor. The chocolate is Guittard Dark.  I loved the strawberry rendition of this treat, and the pink color was very appealing.  The balance of flavor, texture, and just the right amount of chocolate all worked to produce a very satisfying little mouthful.  I was surprised because I generally do not gravitate towards “light” foods.   Light and satisfying seem mutually exclusive to me, but these were an exception.  A glass of champagne with a few CocoaBerries would make a great summer dessert, they would be a wonderful addition to a cookie tray, or on top of a sundae.

Here’s the real kicker: CocoaBerries are made by people overcoming economic and social hurdles, such as homelessness, and emotional problems.  Their motto is “Treat yourself! Transform lives!”  As if you needed more reasons to try such yummy morsels.  

Lucky us, the Rubicon Bakery has an on-line store ( where $14.99 gets you three bags of CocoaBerries.


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