Earth’s Sweet Pleasures Dark Organic Fudge 65%


As a  self-diagnosed chocoholic I am smitten by chocolate in all its renditions, with a strong predilection for dark bars with nuts.   Imagine my delight at sampling Earth’s Sweet Pleasure’s Rich Rainforest Dark Fudge with Walnuts.  Usually, fudge is too mild for me.  Not this.  Their use of 65% organic, fair trade chocolate gives it an intensity lacking in most other fudge products. For that, alone, it deserves accolades. The texture is creamy and firm, but still sweet. As you know, the typical product is soft, cloyingly sweet, and bland. All their ingredients are organic, which is especially important when buying anything with dairy as the jury’s still out on the effects of antibiotics and bovine growth hormones (typically given to cows) on humans.  Actually, one reason I have avoided fudge in the past is I didn’t want those additives in my diet.

This comes with and without walnuts.  As I am partial to nuts, I enjoyed that one more.  My only quibble is I prefer an abundance of nuts rather than a sprinkling.  That said, I found it a nice departure from my steady diet of dark bars.  If you love fudge Earth’s Sweet Pleasures is an affordable treat at $11.95 for half a pound or $19.95 a pound.  You can find them at


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