Taza Organic Chocolate

Organic is always good. Add minimal processing and you have a chocolate line that is as genuine as they come.  The 70% bar I tried used beans from small co-operatives in the Dominican Republic ground on Mexican stone mills.

At first, I wasn’t sure if I liked the slightly chewy, grainy texture of the bar, but as I kept eating I realized the consistency changed as the temperature in my mouth melted the chocolate.  If Goldilocks were eating this she would declare it “Just right.”  

There’s no glossy sheen, as it is not processed to produce one.  The bar is more food than confection.  I can easily imagine it getting me through a Siberian winter, though it would be just as satisfying in a movie theater. 

The Chocolate Mexicano with Cinnamon was a tad sweet for my taste, but it would make dynamite hot chocolate, even with soy milk.  The ratio of cinnamon to chocolate was perfectly balanced.  

There’s something different, and mesmerizing about these products.  I wouldn’t think of eating them as my sole chocolate experience, but they are extremely satisfying, and would make a wonderful addition to a chocolate tasting; especially, if set alongside a very processed bar, like a Valrhona Palmira. Conversely, it would be fun to taste them with some of Steve DeVries offerings, as his are also earthy.


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