Amano’s Jembrana 70%

I have extolled the virtues of Art Pollard’s chocolate before (see reviews of Occumare, Madagascar, and Cuyagua bars) and now I have another opportunity, the Jembrana bar.  I didn’t know chocolate came from Bali, but these beans do.  They’re gentle on the palate, especially for a 70% product.  If you’re looking for leathery or acidic fare this will not fit the bill; however, if you’re up for a bit of smooth decadence read on.

There are times when subtle is more challenging than earthy and intense.  We live in an age where everything is in your face. Think of movie previews…traffic…the intense rush of life, and you can begin to appreciate how wonderful it is to step away from all the sturm und drang for a peaceful moment.  Some of my most contemplative times have been accompanied by a piece of chocolate. Art’s Jembrana bar lends itself to this kind of gentle awareness.  If you’re in a hurry you won’t be able to focus on the nuances of this bean: its slightly milky quality, the creamy richness of texture, and the hint of Bali’s soil.  

Amano Chocolate’s beautiful black boxes are adorned with paintings from different artists, which makes them a particularly great choice for gifting.

Last but not least, while there are some incredible chocolatiers in France, and elsewhere, there’s something very gratifying about supporting our very own U.S. producers.


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