Kallari Organic Chocolate: 85%, 75%, and 70%

Kallari Chocolate is grown and harvested by a cooperative of 850 Kichwa farmers in Ecuador.  All profits support sustainable health, education, and development programs, and aid the preservation of the Amazon rain forest. While I am certainly in favor of those practices, if the chocolate doesn’t taste good I ‘d rather make a charitable donation and buy other bars.  Luckily, that is not the case, as all three are delicious.

The cacao beans are a blend of several varietals, with the main flavor coming from rare Cacao Nacional de Arriba beans, a Praesidia heirloom varietal.  It’s really quite amazing how the same beans yield such different gustatory experiences.  (The sugar content per 35 grams of chocolate is 5 grams for the 85%, 9 grams for the 75%, and 11 grams for the 70%.)  If you were hosting a chocolate tasting your guests would be surprised to note the real difference a few grams of sugar makes.

The texture of the 85% bar is pretty remarkable: smooth, delicately silky, and meltingly delicious.  This is one of the easiest-to-eat super-dark bars I have ever tasted.  What it may lack in complexity it more than makes up for in mouth feel. The 75% bar is a tad sweeter, and the 70% rendition is even more sweet, though none of these is sugary.  If I wanted a very high cacao content bar, like the 85%, but had found other brands simply too bitter to eat, I would buy Kallari’s.

The packaging is lovely with a brightly colored cacao leaf in either cobalt, green, or red on each dark brown box, and every perfectly-sized small section has a pretty indented leaf design.

Available at Whole Foods stores and through kallari.com. They retail for $4.99 for 2.46 ounces.


One response to “Kallari Organic Chocolate: 85%, 75%, and 70%

  1. Kallari’s is just one of the best things that happened to exist in my life! d:

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