L.A. Burdick’s White, Milk, and Dark Bars with Nuts

The dark bar with almond was my favorite.  Slightly bitter chocolate studded with a plethora of crunchy chopped almonds .  A thoroughly satisfying experience.  I kept wanting more. 

The milk with hazelnuts reminded me of Swiss chocolate as the Europeans seem to just adore their hazelnuts.  It was a bit sweet for me, but if you love this combination you won’t be disappointed. 

Let me confess, once again, I am not a fan of white chocolate.  So, it was with trepidation I approached this bar.  Somehow, the addition of pistachios changed the experience so much that I actually liked it.  I never expected to enjoy the white bar more than the milk, but I did.  If you are a white chocolate lover this is a great combination.

All three come in a rugged wood and corrugated cardboard box with a brown silk ribbon.  Attractive, re-closable, and perfect for your private stash.


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