L.A. Burdick’s Single Source Chocolate Bars

I thoroughly enjoyed the Granadian chocolate in the cocoa beans from Burdicks. Their plain bar is a completely different experience, but just as luscious. This 75% chocolate’s fruitiness is beautifully complimented by its complexity.  I can’t parse out what exactly contributes to the chocolate’s depth.  It isn’t leather or tobacco notes, and I know it sounds almost oxymoronic to say it’s the sophisticated earthiness, but that’s the only way I can describe it.  A really easy-to-eat single origin bar with a silky texture.

The Bolivian 68% is subtle, but not simple or boring. Its incredible texture is at once dense and creamy. The play of gentleness against its adult flavor profile makes it sure to sate any chocolate craving.  

Last, but not least, is the Dominican bar. A 72% winner with an undertone of tobacco.  This is a common feature of many Pralus chocolates, and makes for a slightly more adventurous experience. The difference with Burdick’s is the hint of tobacco is just enough to wake up your taste buds without whacking them.  If you were doing a tasting these three would be a great comparison with Amano’s offerings.

Sometimes, single origin chocolates can be challenging.  They could have a grainy texture, a pronounced taste of the soil, or bitterness, all of which may make them fun to try, but not necessarily something you would want as a steady diet. Burdick’s single source bars are unique but not so strange that you only crave them occasionally.  All three sport chocolate’s equivalent of a sultry come-hither look: a shiny black surface that beckons every chocophile for miles. In counterpoint to their exquisite slightly creamy texture, they break with a perfect snap. (Note: many scored bars do not separate as they should, but these do.  I know it’s pedantic to mention, but it is satisfying when things work.) The corrugated cardboard re-closable box with it’s lovely brown ribbon makes this a great gift for you or a beloved.


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