L.A. Burdick’s Chocolate Covered Grenada Cocoa Beans

This is one of the most scrumptious chocolate products I have ever eaten. Period.

Let’s start with the packaging: two pieces of a shellacked cocoa pod encase a bag of confections resting on a nest of soft shredded paper, all tied with a raffia bow. Unique and artistic.

The cocoa beans are truly marvelous.  Deep, dark Grenadian chocolate surrounds toasted cocoa beans.  The pieces are then covered in cocoa powder.  At once crunchy, just sweet enough, and quintessentially adult, these little bites of nirvana are unforgettable.  What is particularly notable is how remarkably satisfying they are. Two or three really are enough. 

I can easily imagine an elegant cheese and fruit platter with a small bowl of Burdick’s little beauties.  

For those of you who travel with chocolate (I never leave home without a few Perigord chocolate-covered walnuts in my handbag) these look as if they could go the distance.


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