Pralus Pyramide Des 10 Saveurs (45% and 75%)

Pralus makes some of the most memorable chocolates in the world.  My recent foray into their milk and dark stack of 10 varieties acquainted me with some of their finer offerings.

Before I start raving about Pralus (pronounced pra-loo with a short “a”), let me share some stats:  This pyramid contains ten 50 gram bars.  That’s a bit over a pound of chocolate for those of you, including me, who are metrically challenged. At $46.00 plus shipping at, this is not a cheap chocolate adventure.  However, I have found that Pralus products last very well, so, if you can control yourself, you can enjoy these for a long time…at least, an extra six months past the use by date.

All were exquisitely delicious, though the flavorings somewhat elusive.  Perhaps, it’s like homeopathic remedies of 30c or higher.  Avogadro’s Law says that at that level of dilution nothing of the original substance remains. Are the people at Pralus testing Avogadro’s theory?  To say there was a scintilla of orange, anise, citron, or ginger in the dark bars would be pushing it.  However, the mint and vanilla varieties both blended a sublimely satisfying 75% chocolate with a perfect amount of flavor.  I found them all quite celestial (even with the aforementioned criticism): color, texture, mouth feel, flavor (as long as I wasn’t searching for any one in particular), and snap were A+. The milk varieties were different, but just as worthwhile.  There was a discernible hint of caramel and cinnamon in the two flavored squares adding a lusciousness to 45% chocolate that was already creamy, rich and satisfying. 

The packaging is simple and beautiful.  I can’t imagine your favorite chocoholic being blase about receiving these.


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