Lindt Mousse-Filled bars: 3 Varieties

Finally, something less banal from Lindt.  Yes, their 70% bars are fine, but not memorable.  This Mousse-filled bar, a whopping 5.3 ounces, is for adults.  The texture is sublime: a nice snappy chocolate outside and a pretty perfectly textured dark chocolate mousse inside.  It’s quite rich, and would be a lovely dessert with some green rooibos tea, and a side of strawberries.

They also make two other varieties in this line: Cherries and Chili, and Orange. Both have the same shell, but the interior has a bottom layer of the aforementioned mousse and a bit of a jammy concoction. I couldn’t detect any chili with the mild cherry flavor, and the orange didn’t have much impact, either. The plain mousse bar is far superior and less sweet.


One response to “Lindt Mousse-Filled bars: 3 Varieties

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