Raw Cacao-Goji Brittle by Divine Organics

This is quite an intriguing product, even if I haven’t a clue why they call it a brittle.  It’s a bark.

Generally, I don’t like gojiberries, though I know they have all sorts of health properties, but I ate them up in this little confection. The ingredients are: organic raw cacao beans and butter, organic maple sugar, gojiberries, organic raw vanilla, and Himalayan pink crystal sea salt.  I couldn’t discern any saltiness, but I imagine it added to the kaleidoscopic experience this chocolate offered.   The chocolate itself has a drier consistency, though it’s masked by the chewiness of the gojiberries. There was just enough sweetness to compliment the tart berries.  If you know an adventurous chocoholic this might be a good present.

Packaging here is utilitarian…a little pouch that contains 1.6 ounces for $7.95 at veganessentials.com 

There are three other combinations that I didn’t get a chance to try.  Sprouted almonds??? Pretty funkacidal.

– MacMulberry Brittle (raw cacao, creamy macadamia nuts and mulberries)

– Golden Princess Brittle (raw cacao with plump golden Himalayan raisins and crunchy Princess pistachios)

– Almond Raisin Brittle (raw cacao with sprouted almonds and plump Himalayan golden raisins)


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