Lake Champlain Chocolates

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the difference between very complex chocolates and simpler ones.  It seems that companies are divided between those that cater to people who enjoy an earthier chocolate experience, and those who crave something gentler.  For a long time I was prejudiced in favor of the former.  Now, I find those easier-to-eat bars appealing, too.  What changed?  I think I simply opened up my palate to a more subtle experience.  

Luckily, Lake Champlain Chocolates offers me both: single origin bars for my adult side and organics to feed the inner child.  But, these organics also include some very grown-up flavors.  

A beautiful little clear box presents 24 organic tasting squares including a plain milk (34%), a plain dark (55%), a dark spicy Aztec with vanilla, cayenne, pumpkin seeds and cinnamon (55%), and a milk with sea salt and almonds (38%).  All were of good quality, but I was more taken with the Aztec mix of flavors and texture.  Each square has a lovely embossed stag on it.

Similarly packaged is their variety of four select origin chocolates.  The Sao Thome (70%) had a slight tobacco taste which is especially nice if you’re hosting a chocolate tasting and offering milder chocolates with which to compare it.  The Tanzania (75%) was remarkably smooth and well-balanced but still complex, while the Grenada (60%) was fruity with the barest hint of pepper.  Finally, the African blend (54%) was more assertive than your typical dark (54%) chocolate, but still delivered a well-rounded gustatory experience.



One response to “Lake Champlain Chocolates

  1. I had a sample of the milk chocolate with sea salt and almonds at the Lake Champlain Factory store and it was the BEST!

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