Theo Nib Brittle: Organic and Fair Trade

I came to try this product in a roundabout way.  I had purchased a bag of Endangered Species dark chocolate covered peanut brittle and was disappointed with the dearth of nuts.  After trying some of Theo’s other chocolates for a recent review, I noticed they made this dark nib brittle ($8.00 for 4 ounces, about eight good-sized pieces, at, and I couldn’t resist.  

The chocolate is fair trade and organic, two big plusses with me, and the combination of ingredients is pretty inspired. You might think anything with brittle would be overly sweet, but it isn’t.  The dark chocolate (it doesn’t say on the package, but it tastes like 70% to me), crunchy center, and intensity of the nibs, make every bite a happy surprise.  If you’re in the mood for something different and delicious give this a try.


One response to “Theo Nib Brittle: Organic and Fair Trade

  1. Thanks for the love! Nib Brittle is such a favorite in my house I should buy it by the pound. It’s WONDERFUL crumbled over a bowl of really nice vanilla ice cream.

    Kiki Kane

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