“Chinita Nibs” Chuao 60% Caramelized Cacao Nibs and Nutmeg

Chuao makes a few varieties of these bars.  They are often available at high end grocery stores or gourmet shops.  I like the packaging, a lovely, metallic purple paper with drawings of slightly abstract cacao pods dancing around. Chinita Nibs, with caramelized cacao nibs and nutmeg is very good, but the nutmeg is assertive, not subtle, so be sure that’s the flavor you’re craving.  It’s a tad sweet, though not cloying. The caramelized cacao nibs add a great bit of crunch, and the nutmeg is interesting. The chocolate itself, a single origin Venezuelan bean, is good.   I don’t think I’d want a steady diet of nutmeg flavored chocolate, but it’s fun to try.


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