Theo Chocolate

You would have to have a heart of stone to find Theo’s 3400 Phinney bars anything but irresistible.  The delightfully insouciant drawings on the wrappers are unlike anything else on the market, but that’s certainly not the reason to try them.  Nor is it for their Fair Trade certification, their use of organic cacoa beans, or their myriad awards.  Buy them because they’re delicious and fun.  

Fig , Fennel & Almond is an exciting little bar (2 ounces) with 65% cacao.  The figs and almonds are cut up into tiny pieces so their flavors infiltrate each bite.  The textures of fig and almond are well-balanced and the 65% cacao is the perfect match: not too bitter, not too sweet.

Bread & Chocolate is another of their Phinney 3400 line that uses 65% cocoa, but it’s an entirely different experience.  Crunchy bits of toasted French bread crumbs with butter and sea salt mingle in this dark chocolate fantasy.  It’s a unique and addictive combination.

Their darker milk bar, made with 40% cacao comes in a variety of flavors.  I tried the Vanilla, which was very good, but simply couldn’t compare to the Hazelnut crunch, a celestial mix of the same milk chocolate with a plethora of good-sized bites of hazelnut butter crunch. 

They also have single origin bars (3 ounces each).  I sampled the Madagascar 65%, a fruity dark chocolate that was easy to eat, and the 75% Ghana Panama Ecuador blend, a completely different earthy experience.

Of all six bars I would suggest you start with the Hazelnut Crunch, the Bread & Chocolate, and the Fig, Fennel, & Almond.   A great present for chocolate lovers of all ages.   




One response to “Theo Chocolate

  1. Hi!

    Thanks so much for the lovely review! I L.O.V.E. Love the Hazelnut Crunch (AKA Hazelnut CRACK) bar too!

    Kiki Kane

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