Scharffen Berger Antilles Limited Series 75%

Here’s your chance to order a limited series Scharffen Berger bar that’s remarkably satisfying and delicious.  The beans are from all over: Trinidad, Grenada, the Dominican Republic, and coastal Venezuela.  How they dreamed up that combination is beyond me, but it’s produced a deceptively gentle 75% chocolate.  The color is dark, but not blackish, the flavor an amazing combination of fruit, earthiness, and a scintilla of tobacco.  It’s as if this bar has everything going on all at once, but nothing’s competing, nor is any one aspect eclipsing another.  On the wrapper they say it has notes of plum and citrus zest.  I agree with the plum, but I don’t taste anything citrusy. Yes, there may be a hint of acid, but it’s just enough to balance everything else that’s going on here.  The finish is delightfully long lasting.  In short, this bar has it all: complexity,  velvety texture, and richness.


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