Choco-Lina 70% with Sheep’s Milk

I’ve never met a chocolate I won’t try.  I think I came to this open-mindedness as a child when I was introduced to chocolate covered ants.  I can’t remember if they were good, or not, simply ingesting them and living to tell the tale was enough.

So, when I spied Choco-Lina’s dark GMO-free bar with sheep’s milk I was intrigued. The package is pretty darn cute: red, bronze, and yellow with an adorable drawing of a smiling little white sheep.   I guess the Austrians love their sheep.  They have even imprinted the bar with tiny sheep silhouettes.  It’s certainly the cheeriest chocolate I’ve come across. The good news is there’s only 2% sheep’s milk powder.  You might think that’s not enough to have any impact, but it does mellow the dark chocolate and lend an extra creaminess to the texture.  Try as I might, I couldn’t discern the taste of sheep’s milk.   Perhaps, that’s because they also use bourbon vanilla.   Speaking of the chocolate, if you’re like me and generally like complexity this will be too bland for you, but if you like your dark bars to gently land on your palate you might enjoy this unique concoction.

I can’t imagine craving it, but if you’re in the mood for something different, need a conversation piece at your next chocolate tasting, or know a chocolate lover who’s tried everything, this could be fun.  

I happened to check out their website: and even with my pathetically small German vocabulary I found out the bars are lactose free. Apparently, for those folks who are lactose intolerant and don’t love the intense flavor of dark chocolate, this is welcome news.  




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