DeVries Dominican Republic, and Costa Rican

I have to apologize to Steve DeVries.  About a year ago, maybe longer, I bought the above named bars from his website: I had emailed him and we had a good conversation about our passion for high quality chocolate. Unfortunately,  I didn’t enjoy what he sent me.  Being the gentleman that he is, Steve refunded my money.  He suggested I hang on to the three packs and taste them again. I forgot about them until this morning when I was making some water ganache to have over my organic vanilla ice cream.

I know Steve has been getting a lot of great press lately and I thought I should try these again.  I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed two of the three.  These are all organic, for those of you who, like me, prefer no pesticides.  There’s no cocoa butter (often added to enhance a smooth mouth feel), vanilla, or lecithin… just pure cacao and cane sugar. All the bars have a beautiful snap (two in each 2.3 ounce pack).

The Costa Rican Trinitario is deep, dark and very satisfying.  It’s an 80% bar and only for people who just love intensely flavored, earthy chocolate.  If you do, though, you’ll be happy with this rendition.  A very adult experience.

The next one up is the Dominican Republic 80%.  This chocolate is less earthy, with rounder, more subtle notes.  The finish was a bit shorter, but the texture creamier.  For an 80% bar it was very easy to eat.  If you’re planning a chocolate tasting these two would be great to compare.

The Costa Rican Trinitario 77% had a tobacco note that simply doesn’t appeal to me.  It’s just personal taste.  A number of bars from the great chocolatier Pralus have this same characteristic, so there must be a slew of people who groove to this flavor profile.  I am not one of them.  

Steve has other bars on his website that I would encourage you to try.  Once at the site you can subscribe to the DeVries chocolate newsletter. It’s exciting to have another creative chocolate force in the U.S. who is giving us more organic choices. 


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